Friday, November 16, 2012

Room Reveal: The Nursery

Our baby girl's nursery is finally done and I'm super excited about it. The nursery is located in what was originally our office on the main level of the house (the new office is now located on the lower level). Because the master bedroom is on the main level of the house while the other bedrooms are on the lower level, it made sense to make this room the nursery so that we would be close to the babe in the early year(s) of her life. I didn't want the room too be too girly and I think we accomplished that. There are lots of handmade goodies in the babe's room, I'll try to point them out as we go.

All of the crib bedding was made by my mom (thanks mom!). It didn't take me long to fall in love with the organic material from Birch Fabrics and the "woodland" animal theme set the tone throughout the room. I made the flag bunting and the two cloud mobiles.

The dresser matches the crib. The drawers are already stocked with washed and folded baby clothes including our stash of gdiapers - cloth diapers we plan on using as soon as the babe outgrows newborn diapers. I'm sure I'll blog about that adventure in the future. The changing pad cover was also made by grandma. I love, love, love the polar bear family print hung above the changing table. Polar bears are my favorite.

Since the room isn't technically a bedroom, it didn't have a closet so we picked up a wardrobe at Ikea. As you can see it hasn't taken me long to fill it with adorable little human clothes.

One of my favorite things in the room is our glider. It's so cozy and comfortable and I think it will serve us well during those midnight feedings. The crazy looking contraption next to the glider is the MomaRoo. It is supposed to be guaranteed to dance and sing any fussy baby to sleep. We'll see, I'll report back on that one. The quilt on the back of the glider was handmade by my amazing friend, Suzanne. She's really something, isn't she? Remember she made us this quilt for our housewarming? Once the babe is born she will embroider her name and birthday on the quilt as well. I'll be sure to share it with you. Anyway, I LOVE it. Sues, you are the best!

The print on the wall was given to us by my sister-in-law, Mandy and her family. She picked out the perfect print to go with the nursery. My mom gave me the book on the lower shelf several years ago. I'm looking forward to reading it to our babe someday soon! The owl on the shelf is filled with lavender, which is supposed to promote calmness and sleep. Wishful thinking?

The bookshelf was made by stacking two Ikea shelves on top of each other. James screwed them together and then attached them to the wall to be sure there are no accidents. To add additional seating to the room, we made a bench out of the lower shelf. My mom made the cushion that Mr. and Mrs. Fox are hanging out on. I made the framed print in Photoshop. Love that quote. I also love the lamp. I picked up that beauty at Target for like $14.

So there you have it, the 360 degree tour of the new nursery! Turns out I'm not the only one who already loves this room. Summit is a big fan. We often find her stray toys in there or find her sleeping or relaxing in the room. Not sure if she's just curious or she's just excited about becoming a big sister!

For anyone interested, here's a run down of our nursery goodies:

Crib and Dresser: Babyletto Hudson Collection
Rug: Overstock
Wardrobe, Bookshelf, Side Table, Ottoman, Wall Shelves, Frames - Ikea
Baby Chair: 4Moms MomaRoo
Pillows: Ikea and Target
Curtains: Target
Bunting and Mobiles: Handmade
Crib Bedding and Quilts: Handmade (fabric by Birch Fabrics)
Changing cover, ottoman cover and bench cushion: Handmade
Lamp: Target
Polar Bear Print:
Mr. & Mrs. Fox: Handmade
Stuffed animals: Ikea, Pier One, Sleep Sheep
Yellow Dog: One of a kind

Now all we need is the baby! Coming soon...


  1. oh Cary, this is amazing! What a wonderful room!!!

  2. Cary, the room looks great! You must be so ready for this little miss :) I love the mobile, did you follow a pattern? How did yoyattach t he rain drops? I want to make one similar forelimb to have at daycare! I hope you are feeling well! - cait

    1. Hi Cait, thanks for checking out the blog. So I kind of just winged it with the mobiles. I had seen a similar one on Pinterest and I basically made it up as I went. I drew out the cloud shape on a big piece of paper to use as a pattern but in retrospect I'm not even sure that step is necessary. I sewed the string directly into the raindrops and then used a sharp ended dowel (basically like a big toothpick with a sharp end on it, you could probably also use sissors) to poke a hole into the cloud and insert the other end of the string. I can't remember exactly how I tied off the cloud end of the string, but there are a few ways you could do it. I don't know how helpful that was but the truth is it was pretty easy once I got started to just figure it out as I went. You are always welcome to stop by and get a closer look! Best wishes and I hope you and the fam are well!