Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sullivan at 11 Months

Since Sully will be one (!!) in two weeks, I figure I should get these posted. Even though I'm two weeks late, I did take these pictures on his 11 month birthday. So, there's that. Anyway, here's my big, happy boy at 11 months.

At 11 months Sullivan is:
  • Pulling up on everything, cruising around the house behind and in his cozy coupe and standing without support for up to a minute. Will be walking very soon!
  • Has words. Some are loud and clear (mama, dada, bye) others are loud and not so clear but he is always babbling. 
  • Gets VERY excited when he sees someone he recognizes, especially me (kind of always been this way) but now also James (this is new) and also Nana. 
  • Eats and eats and eats and eat. He eats a lot. So much. And he also gets very excited when he sees food. 
  • Speaking of eating, we can't contain him in his high chair anymore. Cece was never a problem so we took off the awkward harness straps that came with it. Now I know what you need them for. If you turn your back he'll be surfing on his high chair tray before you can blink. 
  • He's just as good at climbing ladders too. He can climb to the top of the playhouse by himself and also the attic ladder. He can get in and out of his cozy coupe and on (and drive!) Cece's big Thomas ride on. 
  • He LOVES going fast on anything. In the car, in the swing, in the stroller. He is also the first one to go for the matchbox cars, trucks and tractors in the play room. Very strange how attracted he is to those things. Total boy. 
  • Recently discovered his "man parts" in the bathtub and is utterly fascinated. Total boy.  
  • Sullivan loves music. He grunts and dances to it. Cece loves music too so we spend a good amount of time dancing around the house every day. So fun. 
  • Sully is getting all four front top teeth right now. Hasn't fussed at all and I didn't even know until I stuck my finger in his mouth. 
  • Those teeth have been problematic however when it comes to nursing. We are pretty much down to nursing just 2-3 times a day and as of this week, I'm no longer pumping at work. I plan on nursing him in the morning and before bedtime as long as possible, but he's been biting me (and laughing about it) which is no fun at all, well apparently for him it is. But, ouch! Especially with all those new chompers he has.
  • Sullivan loves to play with his big sister and mostly doesn't mind rough play. I often find Cece literally sitting on him and he's just going with it. It won't be long before he is bigger than her though so she better watch out.   
  • He's been sleeping pretty good lately. We finally moved him to a real crib (poor kid had been sleeping in a pack and play for 10 months) in his own quieter room downstairs. It's helped a lot, although he still typically wakes up once around 2 AM and wants to nurse (for comfort). Then he's up at 6:15 AM every morning. Like clockwork. But he puts himself to sleep each night which makes bedtime a little bit easier on all of us, especially because Cece has become a real problem lately at bedtime (more on that soon).
  • Sully is just really fun and pretty much always cheerful and easy going. He has shown though that he can genuinely get MAD when he doesn't get what he wants (usually food, or mom). I wonder how this will present itself as he gets older. He seems like he know what he wants and he is going to let you know he wants it. Not that there is anything wrong with that. He's my kid after all.
  • He's a big boy. Haven't weighed him lately but I''m sure he's over 20 pounds and he's wearing mostly 18 month clothes and now, real shoes too! 
  • He has one big head of thick, red hair. And, got his first haircut this month (so did Cece!). 
  • Sully literally leans in for kisses. It's the best!
Sullivan, you are a bright shining star. Love you, buddy!

Halloween 2015

A horse named Dallas. A rooster named Sully. A cowgirl and a ghost all went out Trick or Treating. The end.

P.S. - Nana made the horse.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


My kids have been sick for a week. I love the snuggles but I'm ready to wave the white flag of surrender. Enough already!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Choo-Choo, Poo-Poo in Thomas Land

I know several families that had a lot of success with potty training by doing the "naked kid for three days" tactic. We decided to take the slow route with Cece because I just didn't have it in me to deal with Cece's naked butt peeing and pooing all over the house. It took about two months of encouraging, consistency and bribery before she made progress to the point where she was fully potty trained...except for one big problem. Girlfriend did not want to poop on the potty. We tried a lot of things to get it to happen. In the end, it took a lot of cheering, a lot of gummy bears and a lot of bribing to get it to happen and happen consistently. Her biggest "prize" was a trip to see "The REAL Thomas" if she learned how to poop on the potty. And so, yesterday we took our poop trained toddler (and her cousin Zach) to the new Thomas Land that just opened this summer in Carver, MA.

Thomas Land is a new theme park inside Edaville USA. It opened this past August and even though it is not completed yet (not until 2017), there was still so much to do and see. A Thomas-loving toddler's fantasy come true, really. I should have taken more pictures of all the rides, but we were having too much fun. You can check out all of the character-themed rides on the Thomas Land website.

We had a wonderful day and certainly celebrated Cece's success in a big way. Maybe we'll try the Thomas Land bribe again when Sully's ready for it in a few years.