Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cece's "Big Girl" Room

Let me start by saying this project began in February. Yes, February. I realize that was a long time ago but it's really be a two phase project. The first was actually transforming our downstairs guest room into a kid room by removing furniture and changing paint colors. Once that was accomplished, we moved Cece and her crib downstairs from the nursery. We decided it was time for her to transition to her "big kid" space downstairs, which is where she'll stay until she goes to college (and let's face it, probably after). It's much quieter down there during nap time and bed time so we don't feel like we have to tip toe around at night anymore. Plus, we figured the sooner we move her the better. She's farther away from us now and if we waited until she was older to make the transition, it might not go over as well. Turns out, it was a piece of cake. Cece loves her new room. So anyway, these first few pictures are from the first phase of the project. You can tell because Cece is a peanut and there is still snow on the ground.
Daddy's little helper.
The walls are three different shades of mint green.
The second phase, which we just finished, involved setting up a "big girl bed" for her and decorating the room. Cece's still sleeping in her crib for now, but we hope to transition her to a twin bed within the next 6 months or so in order to use the crib for the baby. Eventually, the plan is to have them share the room for a few years until Cece's ready for her own space again. We do have another bedroom and the room we used as a nursery for Cece so there's plenty of room for the kids to have their own space but several friends have told us that their kids prefer to share when they are little so that's the theory we're going with for now. 

Here are the details. The bed frame is actually one of two in a matching set that I found at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $25. We painted them white. I searched for awhile to find the perfect bedding. It has ponies on it. Need I say more?  The quilt at the foot of the bed was made by my friend Suzanne at Cece's birth (also featured in her nursery post). It's priceless.

I bought several wooden birdhouses at a craft store and painted them fun colors. The bird decal was a random Ikea find but it's been a big hit. Cece loves talking to her birds. I made the bunting and the cloud mobile that's hanging over her crib originally for her nursery but seems they seem to work ok in her new space as well.
The glider was originally purchased for the nursery but has a cozy new spot here. I found the print hanging over her crib on Etsy. I made the paper garland in one night, it was surprisingly easy and works to cover the large amount of space on that wall. I made the fleece fox blanket for her crib last winter.  

Cece's play house was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law. Cece loves it (so does Summit) and it's the perfect little spot for reading books. 

Speaking of books, we added a small bookshelf between her door and closet. It's a good thing it's not too big because the contents of it get emptied almost nightly. I can't tell you how many times I've put books back on the shelf. And this is only one of three (Cece) bookshelves in the house. I feel like I'm constantly picking up books!

The last thing we need to do to finish the room is hang clothes racks in the closet. Right now there are two dressers and a laundry rack in there. It's functional but would be nice to tidy up loose ends and finish it off. By the way, the closet is huge. She'll love that when she's a teenager!

So there you have it. It feels good to cross that project off the list, especially before this baby comes. Cece really enjoys her big kid room and it's fun to see her get so excited to spend time in it. Fingers crossed the transition to her big girl bed goes smoothly in the months to come!

And for anyone interested, the specifics:
Bed: second hand from Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Bedding (sheets and quilt): Garnet Hill
Bookshelf, Ottoman, Picture Frames, Bird Decal, Accent Pillows - Ikea
Curtains: Target
Bicycle Print: Etsy
Play house: Pacific Play Tents
Faux Sheepskin: Target
Birdhouses: JoAnn Fabrics (then handpainted)
Bunting, Garland and Mobile: Handmade
Cece's quilt: handmade (fabrics: Birch)
Fleece fox crib blanket: handmade (fabric: JoAnn)
Ottoman cover: Handmade
Lamp: Target
Animal Earth Print: Art.com
Mr. & Mrs. Fox: Handmade

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cecelia at Twenty Months

Twenty months! It's almost time to start talking in years. Oh boy! I'm sure the next update I do won't be until her birthday. Or, at the rate I'm writing these days and with a new baby in the mix, her two-and-a-half year birthday!

Cece is doing well. Thriving really. She is a busy, busy almost two year old. This toddler thing is no joke. She never stops moving, this kid. It was no easy task getting these pictures of her and as you can see, it's nearly impossible to get a picture of her where her tongue isn't sticking out of her mouth. Who taught her that? On days when we are lucky enough to be together for the full day (Sat - Sun - Mon), I think I go through as many emotions as she does. She is our bright shining sun, the center of our universe and the focus of intense love, but man, oh man, she can be quite challenge at times too. And we aren't even to the "terrible twos" yet!

The thing about toddlers is that they are exhausting and frustrating and opinionated and volatile and hilarious and cuddly and sweet all wrapped up in one very squirmy, very cute package (the cuteness is by design, clearly). There are days when I'm literally watching my hair turn grey and just hoping to survive until bedtime and then there are others when I can't get enough of her cuddles and happily conform to her demands to read every book on the shelf before she finally gives in to the pull of gravity on tiny little eyelids and I reluctantly tuck her in for the night. Toddlers have a way of making you forget (almost) all the tantrums, food fights and and defiance. Sometimes all it takes is one little sway of tiny hips to the beat of the music aisle in Target or to see the way their face lights up when they first see you at daycare pickup or the sound of their sweet little voice when they say "ov ye" to mean I love you. And the spontaneous hugs. Oh my goodness, those are the best.

 Some things about Cece: she moves, a lot. Her only speed is a full run. She has no fear of heights or animals, though she does tend to get alarmed by any flying insect and will repeatedly call out "bee, bee" when she sees a fly, moth or yes, an actual bee. She loves to draw, color and paint. She loves to eat pencils, crayons and paint. Dirt, sand and rocks too. Perhaps that makes up for her increasingly picky appetite? Toddler staples like mac and cheese and chicken nuggets are her favorite. Loves fruit and some veggies, particularly corn on the cob. Cheese. Yogurt. Still won't drink anything but water.

She's still on the small size and probably always will be, but what she lacks in stature she makes up for in toughness. At her last check up she weighed 23 pounds but she's built solid with strong legs, a round booty and pot belly to boot. Her knees are perpetually skinned and while she likes to point out her "boo-boos" she doesn't tolerate band-aids for very long, at least not yet.

Her vocabulary is really expanding, thanks in large part to being in "school" three days a week and being around other kids more frequently. As I said before, there's something about a little squeaky toddler voice that really just makes you melt. It's a good thing too, because her favorite word these days is "No!". She says it with such conviction though that it's sometimes hard not to smile.

She's keenly aware that something is going on in my belly. She talks about the "Beebee" and likes to rub my belly and lift up my shirt to see my grossly distorted belly button. This can make for awkward moments when this goes down in a public place because really, even I don't want to look at my big swollen belly. It's unclear yet how she'll react to the actual baby. Only time will tell. I suspect we better squirrel away extra patience though, it could be a wild ride with two needy babes demanding our attention.  

Oh, Cecelia. You are a little heartbreaker, that's for sure. We love you so, so much and while some days with you can be challenging, we wouldn't want you any other way! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 6 - Our Five Year Anniversary!

Saturday was our fifth wedding anniversary. Gosh, that went by fast. But then, I think about everything we've done in the five years since our wedding and there's a lot there. Can't wait to see what the next 5, 10, 15...50 years brings!

Since we're so fancy and all, James and I celebrated by doing a little his and her shopping (Home Depot and Ikea) and then headed to Little Italy and Wooster Street in New Haven for Pepe's famous pizza pies and the best cannoli's around. We were probably home by 9 pm and spent the rest of the night working on Cece's big girl room. More on that soon! Our kind of romance, I guess. =)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby #2: 30 Week Bump

Ooook. Here we are, 7.5 months pregnant. The past few weeks have reminded me why I'm not one of those women who love being pregnant. Nope. Don't love being pregnant. I don't really have much to complain about in the grand scheme of things (ok, maybe one complaint) because compared to my first pregnancy, this one is easier (right, except that). Knock on wood. After comparing bump pictures from Cece and this kid, it looks to me like I'm bigger this time around. Awesome.

As I said, this pregancy seems to be easier than my first. It could be real or it could just be that Cece takes up almost all of my attention these days.  I'm long overdue for a Cece update, that's next on my blog roll, but suffice it to say in one word she's - BUSY these days. Always on the move, always getting into something, always requiring a watchful eye. It's rather exhausting even when you're not pregnant.

Baby boy is pretty active. Maybe that's his way of reminding me he's in there and deserves a piece of my attention. He seems big to me, his movements are all over the place and can feel pretty intense. I can't remember when movements peaked with Cece but it was probably between 30-34 weeks. At some point the babe gets too big for major, internal organ moving punches. Speaking of Cece, she's the cutest, isn't she? And the bump makes a perfect little (ok, big!) seat for her. She gives my belly kisses and likes to talk to the "beebee" and then my heart melts. Hope she's that psyched once her little brother is here in the flesh.

So that's it, really. Nothing earth shattering to report except that I just keep getting bigger and bigger. I have a feeling the next 2.5 months will go by pretty quickly. We have a ton of things to do on the home front before that happens. Baby boy doesn't have a nursery or even a name yet. Sorry, kid.