Monday, September 28, 2015

Sullivan at 10 Months

Sullivan is 10 months old (and then some). I am a busy mom, I just cannot keep up with my growing children (literally).

This boy. Oh my, this boy. He has my heart all wrapped up in those chubby little hands. My children are different. Well, let me say this at babies are different. Sully is not the same baby that Cece was. I'm not saying Cece was difficult, but now as I think back on her first year I have to be honest, it was hard. It wasn't all her, of course. Much of it was adjusting to the whole parenthood gig which is enough to throw anyone (everyone?) off course. But anyone who spends a little time with us can tell pretty quickly that my children have different dispositions. Cece is all fireball and Sully is sweet tea. I have no idea where those analogies just came from but they are the first things that came to mind and certainly describe these two pretty accurately. I love them both.

At 10 months Sully...

-  Has two teeth and the beginnings of several more.
- Eats like a HORSE. Easily outdoes Cece at every meal. Isn't picky at all, I hope that stays!
- Says "dadda" and many other "words" that I can't quite make out. He's very verbal.
- Loves to wave hello and goodbye
- Cries major tears every time I drop him off at daycare. Oh my heart.
- Has a affinity for swings, bumps and anything speedy. A true boy.
- Is solidly standing but still needs to hold on to something to balance. Starting to cruise.
- Is wearing mostly 18 month clothes
- Does not sleep through the night. On a good night, the longest stretch is about 5-6 hours.
- Is still nursing and lately has started to BITE me. No, no, no. Ouch.
- Loves the boob but only tolerates a bottle. It can take him 3 hours to finish a 4 ounce bottle at daycare. 
- Loves Summit.
- Loves Cece.
- Loves mommy the most. It's hard to complain about that, even if it means I literally get NOTHING done when I'm home with him.
- Is in the "everything goes in my mouth" phase. Has pooped out grass, rubber bands and lots and lots of sand.
- Is terribly photogenic because he's almost ALWAYS smiling. And, did I mention the hair?
- Will snuggle with anyone, anytime. I hope that lasts forever and ever.
...and since it's taken me 10 and a HALF months to write this update...he's also now walking with the help of Cece's shopping cart. It won't be long before he's off and running!

Oh Sully, you are my favorite little boy. I love you so.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Swallows. 2015 Edition.

Pictures from our annual trip to see the CT River swallow spectacle this week. We took the boat out as a family and I also went on a river cruise with some colleagues from work. Both trips were amazing, as usual. If you live in Connecticut or even if you don't, this is something you really can't miss. It's spectacular.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer's End

And so here we are...the first day of fall. It's a glorious late September day too. Cool crisp morning, bright sunny afternoon, peaceful, breezy evening. Honestly, I think September is perhaps my most favorite month of the year. Partly because of the promise of October closing in on it. Early fall is just spectacular here in New England.

We had a great summer. It's been busy, hence the lack of blogging. My kids don't sleep either so that doesn't help. But everyone is healthy and (mostly) happy despite the lack of lasting sleep. Cecelia is getting so big. She's one feisty toddler, that one. Strong willed only begins to describe her. She's really come into her own and she's not afraid to let you know how independent she is. Man, I love her. That girl.

And Sully. Oh, my goodness, this boy. He is the very definition of love. A cherub. Truly. There isn't a sole who doesn't fall madly in love with this little boy from the minute they meet him. He is such a charmer. And his hair is red. Oh my, his hair is red. He steals my sleep but he has my heart. 

James aka Daddio. He's been working so hard this year. He was promoted to a new position at work and he's been doing so well. I don't say it enough but I'm so proud of him. I'm so proud of us and our little family we've built. This summer was good. No, this summer was great. Here are a few late summer moments.

Camping. We took Rhode Island by storm on Labor Day weekend and then Rhode Island sent us (ok, just James and a very sad, crying Cece) packing. Cece had a hard time sleeping in the camper (that's putting it lightly) so James drove her home and brought her back the next day so we could all go to the beach. Ahhh, memories. 

The Beach. These pictures were from the same weekend. Cece has really taken to the water at Nana and Grandpa's lakehouse, but she wasn't all that interested in the ocean and waves on the shore. She and Sully loved the sand though. Sully ate a fair amount of it, that's for sure. 

The Boat. We managed to get out on the boat a few times this year. Even once without kids (!). These were taken on a trip across the Sound to Long Island. What a beautiful day!

Family and Friends. We had plenty of time to play with friends and family this summer. Below are pictures of some of Cece's preschool friends at a birthday party and parades as well as our town's annual firework show. Plus cousin pics. I know I've said it before but living next to my brother's family is the best. Our kids are so lucky to grow up together. They don't know how good they have it!

Hurray for another wonderful summer and welcome fall. Apple picking and fair season is upon us!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015