Saturday, February 6, 2016

Snow Day

So, as I mentioned in my last post, we didn't get our first snow until then end of January this year. That storm fell on a weekend and brought much excitement for us all as well as a certain bit of laziness and contentment at being "snowed in."

The second storm of the year came a week or two later with very little warning and we woke up yesterday (Friday) to a forecast of 8-10" and cancelled school (which, for us means daycare/preschool is also cancelled). James had a customer coming in to the office so he left early and made the long, slow, snowy drive into work. So, it was just me. And two stir-crazy toddlers. Snowed in. You guys, it was rough. Roooough. By 10AM, we had already watched three hours of cartoons, displaced then discarded every single toy we owned and generally just torn through the entire house. There had been laughter, tears, singing, dancing, fighting. All the emotions. I was ready to lose it and there was a lot of day left ahead of us. I had the steam cleaner out twice in the same hour, first to clean applesauce off the rug in the playroom. The second time to suck up bubbles from the couch. Being snowed in with a 1 and 3 year old is no joke. I'd rather work a 14 hour workday. I give a lot of credit to stay at home parents. It's just not in my DNA.

But then, at the end of my rope, I bundled the kids up and outside we went. Ironically, the day was saved by...the snow. I think a little fresh air helped us all out in a big way. Both kids loved playing in the snow, even Sully who wasn't all that into it when we dumped him in during the last snowfall.

The afternoon was much smoother than the morning. Cece played with her cousins (yay for living next door to each other!) and Sully took a nap. I drank another cup of coffee and the stars started to align and we all began to enjoy each other again. I'm not going to lie though, I wasn't the only one who was psyched to see Daddy when he finally got home from his snowy work day that night. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

First Snow

It's hard to believe but the first real snow of winter 2015-2016 didn't happen until the end of January in Connecticut. Cece was excited when it finally came, but also confused. Her first question when we told her it was going to snow was, "does that mean it's Christmas?" Ha.

Of course, we bundled everyone up, including Sully, who saw snow last year but as a newborn, didn't really get the full experience, and headed out to play.

For some reason, Cece isn't super excited about sledding (let's hope it's just a phase, because, I mean...sledding!!) but she loves playing in the snow. Sully had mixed feelings. He lasted about 15 minutes and then I think he was ready to go back inside.

He did get a kick out of watching James snow blow the driveway. Sully is 100% boy.

The forecast for tomorrow includes more snow, maybe even a snow day. It's been so incredibly mild this winter so part of me is thinking I'll believe it when I see it. We'll see.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day in the Life - Winter 2016

Time again for all the edge of your seat drama that is a "Day in the Life" of...well, me. Kidding aside, here we go. Last time we did this was almost a year ago, late January, 2015. Sully was a wee babe at the time and Cece was a busy little two year old. Not too much has changed, except now we have two busy toddlers. Earlier episodes of DITL include February 2014 (I must like to do this in winter!), Cece is just over 1 year here and June 2013 with 6 month Cece.

January 22, 2016
Day of the week: Friday, a work day for us, "school day" for the kids
Cece: Age 3 years, 1 month
Sully: Age 1 year, 2 months
Me: 33
James: 32
Summit: 8

Confession. I did not do as great of a job documenting exact times or taking good pictures this time. It's good enough to get the idea, however and honestly, represents the truth of juggling two toddlers and a whole lotta responsibility. Ain't nobody got time for pictures!

6:02 AM - my alarm goes off. Everyone slept. Small miracle. Knowing I have a busy morning and have to get the kids to school early today, I get up, pick out my clothes, make Sully's morning bottle, start coffee pot. Take 10 minutes to do a few sit-ups, push-ups and planking. Blood is flowing.

6:20 AM - I get dressed, brush teeth. Usually I'm the last to get dressed but everyone is still sleeping and I'm on a timeline this morning. I throw on a vest to cover sweater. It's always dangerous to get dressed before the kids do, or more like, before they have breakfast and their boogers wiped because those are usually the things that end up on my sleeve or shoulder.

6:30 AM - Check on kids. Still sleeping. I give it another 10 minutes of peace and quiet. Tops. Start making breakfast.

6:34 AM - Check that. Four minutes, exactly. Suddenly everyone is up. Not sure who woke up who but Cece's upstairs now and then I hear Sully crying shortly after. We go down to get him. Cece shows me her clock is green (meaning she's allowed to come upstairs). She's very proud of herself for sleeping through the night (ditto, kiddo).

6:40 AM - Cece requests Curious George. I put it on while I sit with Sully as he drinks his milk. Cece announces that she's the "mom" and Sully is "dad." Her Doggie is the baby and I am the baby sister. She has to go grocery shopping. And then it's time for breakfast.

6:50 AM - Kids eat while I pack lunches. James is dressed and joins us briefly. Sully poops while at the breakfast table (see facial expression below). This is a regular occurrence. Must be his safe place.

7:15 AM - James and I get the kids dressed, feed Summit, pack bags, wrangle kids. These 10 minutes or so are always the most stressful of the whole day. At the last minute I throw in my gym bag (running clothes) and grocery bags. Just in case. Wishful thinking.

7:24 AM - I snap one quick picture of the messy house as I run out the door. It looks like a bomb went off. Nothing new.

7:30 AM - Kids are packed in the car. Small miracle I'm leaving on time. Had to bribe Cece with a lollipop but whatever.

7:38 AM - Arrive at daycare/preschool. Drop Sully off first. Talk with his teachers about how every kid in his class is sick. We all agree he's doomed. Drop Cece off next. She's off and playing before I can put her bag in her cubby.

7:48 AM - Back in car. Leave for Hartford. Have to teach a class at the DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection). Hope the traffic isn't bad.

8:29 AM - Made it. Traffic wasn't awful. Time to teach.

9 AM - 12 PM - Spreading the good word about mapmaking. I love my job. P.S. - that is not me in the first picture (I'm taking the picture).

12:15 - 1 PM - In a meeting with a DEEP colleague. Talking about finishing one of our collaborative projects (updating CT's National Hydrography Dataset - ie where's the water?).

1 PM -  Now I'm hungry. Time to find lunch. Panara sounds good since I can do work there.

1:20 PM - Panara is packed! Long line and no seats. Still, I wait. Finally, an open table.

2:45 PM - Not enough time to go back to the office so I set up shop and settle in. Work stuff and people watching.

3 PM - Squeezed in a quick trip to the grocery store. It's going to snow tomorrow. We need snacks to keep everyone sane. Apparently everyone else has the same idea. Grocery store is pretty busy.

3:50 PM - Arrive at daycare/preschool a tiny bit earlier than usual. My watch tells me I haven't moved enough today (oh, really?). Decide to take a lap around the campus (it's a high school) before going in. Don't quite hit my goal, will need to finish it off somehow later in the day.

4:10 PM - Go in to get kids. Sully first. Quickly realize he's gone downhill today. Bad cold and now it looks like pink eye too. Freaking daycare. Sad boy.

4:20 PM - Pick up Cece from her classroom. Girlfriend is happy so at least there's that. Struggle to get both kids stuff and keep Sully from touching anyone or anything (remember, pink eye). But then he finds the log in/out computer (sorry!). Finally get them out the door.

4:39 PM - We are home. Bring in groceries. The kid's cousin Zachary (lives next door) calls to see if Cece can come play. Sure! Off she goes. Try to keep Sully happy with popcorn. Not sure it works but at least Summit is happy.

5 PM - Attempt to put groceries away and pick up the house a little. Our friends are coming for a spontaneous dinner tonight. Sully is a hot mess. Won't let me put him down. Super fun. But then, I discover my new running shoes were delivered today. So, at least there's that.

5:30 PM - James gets home with more groceries. He gets started on dinner. Friends Kris and Gina arrive. Never did get the house picked up much. Oh well. Good thing they love us. I don't have any pictures here because I have a Sully barnacle hanging off me.

6:30 PM - Cece's back. Time for dinner. And some wine. Way over due on the wine. 

7:15 PM - Despite the smile (so Sully) this guy just done. Poor kid is definitely sick. Puffy eyes. Time for PJs, milk and bed.

7:45 PM - I bring Sully down to his room for snuggles and our bedtime routine. He's the best snuggler, especially when he's sick.

8 - 8:45 PM - I come back upstairs and everyone is watching Curious George. We play horsey and get Cece into her PJ's. Read books. It's past her bedtime. Good thing it's a Friday.

9 PM  - Cece has drawn out her bedtime like a true professional. Books, snack, water, potty, stories, more stories, and finally...sleep!

9:15 PM - Or...maybe not. Back to bed, Cece.

9:21 PM - And, finally.

9:30 PM - Ahh, some adult time. More wine? Yes, please. Then I realize I need 5 more minutes of exercise. Gina is a personal trainer so she's got a plan. It involves these furniture sliders for our feet. Interesting and effective. Check that off the list. Then, more wine. And also, everyone gets a tarot card reading.

11:50 PM - How did it get so late? And also, Sully's up crying. Say a quick goodbye to Kris and Gina and arm myself with a bottle of milk and some Tylenol and I'm off to take care of my sick baby.

12:38 PM - Everyone is sleeping, including James. Oh wait, take a closer look. Sully's not sleeping. But he's not crying, so whatever. Hope the Tylenol kicks in soon. Take one last look at the forecast for tomorrow (today). It's supposed to snow quite a bit. Realize I've been up for almost 20 hours. And the kids will be up in another 5. Better get some sleep.

1:43 AM - Turns out 5 hours was wishful thinking. Cece's up. Crying. I go down. Tell me one more story she says. Good grief!

2:10 PM - And back to bed.

5:56 AM - Sully's up! Down I go. Hoping this is not his morning wake up. I tend to him and then put him back in his crib. Go back to bed, buddy. Fingers crossed that didn't wake up Cece.

6 AMish - I think it did. Cece's coming into our room. And now our bed. She insists her clock is green. I try to recall what time we set it to change to green. Really don't think it's this early but I'm not about to argue with her. I let her come snuggle.

7:31 AM - Sully's up again. Not sure he ever went back to sleep really. I snap a quick picture knowing it's my last in bed for the morning and then go check on him. He's definitely not interested in going back to bed (I try). Everyone is still sleeping upstairs so we hang out in his room for awhile until they are up.

I look at my phone. It tracks my sleep but then, I'm not sure I really want to know what the numbers are. I check and it's bad. Actually, it doesn't account for all the times my sleep was interrupted over night so the 4 hr 45 m it shows is generous.

Thank goodness it's a Saturday and we have no plans other than getting snowed in. And we go again.