Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day

I always knew my kids would be famous. Ha, just kidding. Happy National Sibling Day! CNN liked our picture taken in the hospital the first time Cece met her little brother. Click on the picture below to take you to the feature.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sullivan at Four Months

Oh here I go again, falling behind. I did however take these pictures at Sully's four month mark, I just missed the boat when it came to writing this post on time. So it goes.

At four months Sully is:

A very happy little lad. If you happen to make eye contact with him, you are guaranteed a big, gummy smile. He loves to smile, this kid. He is in a major drooling phase too. I'm not sure if he's starting to feel those teeth move around under his gums or what but he pretty much always has a bib on to prevent the need for five outfit changes a day. I don't remember Cece drooling like that, although she did spit up a lot more than he did. She also didn't get a tooth until she was almost a year old. Should be interesting to see if Sully follows suit.

As happy as he is, over the past two weeks or so we have experienced a bit of a sleep regression. He used to be pretty solid and reliable in his sleep schedule. I was getting used to it. Now, it seems like on a good night he'll pass out around 9 and then be up at 12, 2, 4 and 6 AM. On a good night, he'll eat and just go right back to sleep. On some nights however, he's not really into sleeping after say 2 AM. That can be rough. I'm not exactly sure what's behind this unsettled sleep schedule but if we have too many "off" nights in a row I turn into a big grinch. It's no wonder though because on those kind of nights I'm averaging maybe 4-5 hours of broken sleep with maybe the longest stretch being an hour and a half. On most days that just ain't going to cut it. And add in the random nights when Cece wakes up...all hell breaks loose.

He's growing like a champ too. We just had his four month check up. He's just over 15 pounds. That means he's supposed to start sleeping better, right!? Sigh. He's built solid though, a real bruiser, I'd say. His head is so much bigger than I remember Cece's being. He's wearing 6 and 9 month clothing. He's strong and likes to stand with a little help. He loves bouncing, just like Cece did around this age. He bobs around in his jumperoo, usually until Cece notices and starts bouncing him so much I think she might launch him into outer space. That's usually when I have to step in.

I'd say he's "thiiiiiis close" to rolling from his tummy to his back. If I left him on the floor long enough I'm convinced he'd do it. Unfortunately between his over enthusiastic sister and wild Summit, the poor kid just doesn't get a lot of tummy time.

Sully's still nursing at least 6-7 times a day. He takes three 4 ounce bottles at day care. Pumping at work and at night to keep up with him is rough. I've mastered the art of pumping in public places and in the car. Thank goodness for hands free pumping bras. I can't say it's my favorite though and when he goes through those growth spurts meeting his demand for breastmilk can be stressful. I've been taking natural supplements, drinking a ton of water and making lactation cookies (yum) to try and keep up. It definitely works but I have to stay on top of it. Hopefully it will get easier when he starts solids in a few months. I do love nursing though. He loves it too.

That's about it. Little Sully is a treat. Almost always happy. Loves to be entertained by his sister. Looks like his daddy. Eyelashes that go on for days. Only poops every three days. Fuzzy light reddish blonde hair. Drools a lot. Likes to babble. Starting to screech and giggle. Has baby rolls. Enjoys bath time and snuggling. Lots to love there.

PS- Here's Cece's 4 month update and Sully's previous months of growing.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturday March 21, 2015

For the record it is the second full day of spring.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Notes for Cece

Cece is two years old. Two years and three months to be exact. And, she is something else, let me tell you. I keep meaning to jot a few thoughts down so years from now (ok, months from now, let's be real), I don't forget these wild times. And also, because some day when her two year old is both pushing buttons and the boundaries of love, she'll know exactly where it came from. So I'm finally making time, albeit, a bit rushed. I may forget a thing or two. Hopefully I'll find time to come back and edit/add them to the list. Probably not though. So it goes these days.

Cece, you are a spitfire. Wild energy. A free spirit. Deeply devoted to your own needs ("I want, all mine"). Your expressions are open windows to your intentions and by now, after many, many iterations, I can read you like an open book. I know if you are about to run and hug or if you are about to run and hide (not always, but mostly, it's the second of the two). You can be devious and delicious all at once. Your hugs are long and hard yet your hands hit swiftly and often without much provocation. You are two, after all.

Your love runs strong and deep for your trains, specifically Thomas, although Percy is really your true love. Runners up include Clifford, Micky Mouse and Curious George. Beyond cartoons (which, by the way, you watch all together too much of) you are devoted to your artwork (painting is a favorite) and your books.

We read for what feels like hours each night before bed. Favorites include Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, Curious George, Cordory, anything Thomas and random picture books of animals and outer space. Reading to you at bedtime is both wonderful and anxiety provoking for all of us. You love books and would like us to read to you all night long if we would. But it has to stop at some point and when it does, at least one of us (hint: you) are never happy about it. Thank goodness you're still confined to your crib. It will get ugly when we move you to your big girl bed.

Shortly after you turned two, we got rid of Binky. You loved that thing but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and you took it pretty well. Together we went through the house, collecting all of the stray binkies, including all of your favorites and boxed them up for the "Binky Fairy". We put the binky box out on the front step and before long (and while you weren't looking) the Binky Fairy came and took the binkies away because "binkies are for babies". In it's place, the Binky Fairy left a new bedtime book and a note stating that if you made it through your nap, she would leave a treat under your pillow. There was some whining at nap time that day, but no melt downs. You woke up to find a lollipop under your pillow. By day two, you were walking around the house chanting, "binkies are for babies" and requesting lollipops all day long. We traded a binky problem for a cavity problem.
Speaking of that, we made our first trip to the pediatric dentist this week, on account of you chipping two teeth. It was about as fun as one might expect, which is to say, it really wasn't much fun at all. The good news is the chips are just minor and no action is required. Somehow, I have a feeling chipped teeth may just be the beginning of a long medical history of bumps and bruises. You are a wild child. You climb and climb. You kick and throw yourself around. You love to "race" and the bumpier the ride the better. Nothing slows you down, not even sleep. Which reminds me again, I'm glad you're still confined to your crib. Probably not for long though.
School is going well, especially since we moved you up to the two year old class shortly after your birthday. Within a week or so you were counting to ten with ease. You even count in spanish, though tend to get stuck at ocho. Your alphabet is coming along, too. You have the first half down but fall off the grid after the letter P. You must sense that all the important ones are covered by that point (ie your initials). You love to draw, color, paint, and create. Your imagination is just starting to shine. My favorite is watching you "cook" in your kitchen, making meals for mommy and Summit.
Speaking of Summit, you two are tight these days. She's never been one to allow anyone to lean into her but when it comes to you, she tolerates almost anything. You sit, climb, poke, pull, and generally just torment her and she take it all in stride. There are times when she can't resist the cracker being waved in her face and in one swift motion, snags it from your sticky grip. Usually, at this point, you lose it and crumple to the ground in pure tantrum mode, though sometimes, you just laugh and give her another one. It depends on your mood. I don't protest much because Summit truly takes a lot from you and I consider all those crackers, cheese sticks and goldfish her reward for overall good behavior.
You truly love your brother and on most days, partake in your big sister responsibilites with pure enthusiasm. You help with diaper changes and perform dance routines to entertain him when he starts crying in the jumperoo. You gaurd his binky and his bibs with vigor and are quick to let strangers know that he belongs to you.  Also, I'm pretty sure you will be referring to him as "Baby Sully" even when you two are teenagers.
You get into everything. And if you know you're not supposed to be near, on, or touching something, it's pretty much a guarantee you'll persist until I find you hiding behind the curtains having just emptied a basket of folded laundry, playing with scissors with hands covered in diaper cream. You are mischievous, determined and temperamental. I wonder where you get that from?

I'm sure I'm missing a hundred things about you that I want to remember. The little moments of each day. Of our life together where some days seem to drag on forever but yet time goes by so quickly. Dear Cecelia, you are the bright shining light in our lives. You not only draw attention but you demand it. You are a force to be reckoned with my sweet love and I cannot wait to see where all that spirit leads you in this wild and precious life. xoxooo, mommy.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sullivan at Three Months

Three months already, weeee! Time is flying and Sullivan is getting big. I feel like these first three months have gone by so much faster than they did with Cece. It's just so much easier the second time. Or it's just that Sully is just so much easier. We hit the baby jackpot with this kid, he's just so happy pretty much all of the time and if he's upset it's pretty easy to figure out why (hungry, has to poop or is ready for bed).

We had one pretty rough week at the beginning of this month because he caught RSV, a respiratory virus, from his sister and had to be on a nebulizer for the week. Then it turned into an ear infection. Even through all of that though, he was pretty happy. He just couldn't breath. Boo. 

He's a good, reliable sleeper. We get Cece to bed by 8 PM and then bring Sully up, change his diaper, swaddle him up and nurse him down to sleep. He's usually out by 8:30 and on a good night will sleep until 2-2:30 AM. There has been one or two nights he stretches it until 4 AM. Ahhh. Usually though, after that first long stretch, he stirs every two hours or so. I usually feed him once and then just put his binky back in after that. If it's been a good sleeping night, I usually stay up after his 4 AM feeding and try to get a short workout in (see this post) and then finish some housework or prep for the day before everyone else is up. Cece usually gets up around 7 and the first thing she does is go wake up Sully if he's still asleep.

I started work again this week so Cece and Sully are in day care 4 days a week until my parents return from their winter vacation next month (then they will be there 3 days a week). Sully has made the transition just fine, in fact everyone seems to love him there. He's a very happy, easy go lucky dude. What's not to love? His teachers are great so I'm feeling good about our choice and knock on wood he's not sick yet.

Besides smiling all the time, Sully loves to coo and "talk" to us. He's just starting to mimic. For example, if you open your mouth really wide, he'll do the same. He also talks back to you and loves to have conversations. He's so stinking cute. At three months Cece was already close to rolling over. I don't see that with Sully, although, to be fair, he spends less "free range" time on the floor than Cece did because well, because of Cece. I don't trust her 100% not to just smoosh him when my back is turned.

I don't have anything to complain about with this kid, honestly. He's a dream. Sullivan, we love so, so much. You sure do look like your daddy but I'm not really sure yet who you take after because you are way more chill than either of your parents. You put up with a lot from your wild sister and probably always will, but just know that getting to take care of you each day and watching you grow is one of the greatest honors of my life. Love you, bud.

PS - Cece's three month post.

Because We Don't Build Snowmen in This Family...

we build snow trains! And snowmen, too. But snow trains are way cooler. And also, Percy is better than Thomas in Cece's book.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Mom Bod

Guys. Having two babies does a number to your body. It's all worth it, don't get me wrong. It's amazing just to think about what your body can do. I mean growing and feeding another human?! That is mind-blowingly amazing. It's also mind-blowingly hard on your body. And more often than not, new moms don't make any time for themselves and as a result, the state of their body and spirit, inside and out, suffers. Mine certainly has.

I know it's a little late for resolutions, but here's mine: get healthy in 2015. And there's others get healthy in 2015. How? Beachbody that's how! A month ago I had never heard of Beachbody. If I thought about it, I probably could tell you that I was familiar with some of the fitness programs associated with Beachbody (P90X, Insanity) but I had no idea those programs were associated with a larger company. Then a friend of mine started posting on Facebook about how she was a "coach" and was looking to help motivate others to improve their health and fitness. I was intrigued because she promised short 25-30 minute workouts and went on and on about the benefits of drinking the super drink Shakeology once a day to improve energy, help lose extra weight and provide your body with beneficial nutrition. So I signed on. That was two weeks ago. Since then I started a new workout routine (PiYO) that takes only 20-30 minutes a day and I've been drinking Shakeology. You guys, I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks and I feel great! And can I just tell you, Shakeology literally tastes like one giant treat. It comes in several flavors (that I haven't tried yet) but the chocolate vegan with almond milk and a banana is to die for.
Lots of room for improvement!
I've been so impressed that I have decided to become a coach myself! If I can help others get out of their rut, change their fitness routine and change their lives right along side me, then why not? After years and years of slogging through long runs and lonely workouts by myself, I'm learning that group fitness is where it's at. Let's motivate each other, help each other through tough days and cheer for each other when the results start piling up. I'm so excited about this that I started another blog called The Mom Bod. I'll be writing about my progress there and hopefully connecting with others who might want to take the journey with me. I hope you check it out. And if you're interested in learning more about the Beachbody business or any of their fitness programs or challenges, or if you just want to check out Shakeology for yourself, click on that link or please let me know! You can start by checking out my Beachbody website or email me directly. I'm so excited to see where this takes me. Hope you come along, too!